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What once was friends playing games, has now developed into a Professional group, managing a variety of constantly expanding web based projects. If you have an idea or website you would like to bring to the public, feel free to send in request to . We look forward to working with people that have the same interest and motivation as the rest of our staff.

Any feedback is welcome - all our projects are made by people we found in our community.


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About Us

We are a young company located in Belgium and focused on the Esports industry. We are constantly looking to expand our network with creating new projects. You can find more information about each of our projects below.

Our Sites

Event Potion

EventPotion's main goal is to provide reliable information about electronic sports events taking place across the globe each day. Events calendar for different games with dates, prize pools, stream embeds, brackets, tickets info, locations and much more. Enjoy news and weekly recap-articles from your favourite shows and tournaments. Esports events gathered in one place.
Absolute Legends

AbsoluteLegends started out as a community website for League Of Legends but quickly expanded into other games. Next to providing professional news for the major esports games, aL is now a professional organisation with teams in League Of Legends, Dota2, CS:GO and CoD MW3. AbsoluteLegends also hosts tournaments and does casting for various online and offline events.
Absolute Energy

Absolute Energy is an energy drink focused on the gaming audience. With the background of aL and it's professional gamers this Energy drink is put together for longer and better endurance while playing your competitive game. It keeps you going longer then others and gives an awesome boost to give you that little edge over others.